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Our certified instructors have decades of real-life experience in Education, Administration, and Curriculum Development, Basic & Advanced Life Support, Self Defense, Terrorism Awareness, Safety & Security, and more.

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Emergency Preparedness & Response: Readiness & Response on the Move

Instructor- Thurston Gill, Jr.

This mini-course will help to provide us with a practical and realistic look at the tactics and strategies needed to get us through that “unstable space” between us and our pre-designated safe haven, in the event of a disaster or other emergent situation. 

Learning Objectives:

  • An understanding of survival concepts.
  • Development of crisis management skills to deal with hazardous and emergency situations.
  • How to use tactical movement through unstable environments, primarily on foot.

Emergency Preparedness & Response: Readiness & Response on the Move

Special Limited Time Only! (Regular $50)


Water Needs in an Urban Survival Scenario

Instructor- Thurston Gill, Jr

This course will provide the learner with the life-saving skills to treat water for drinking under the most difficult circumstances. 

Learning Objectives:

  • The Importance of Hydration During a Survival Scenario
  • The Dangers of Contaminated Water Sources
  • Water and Personal Hygiene
  • Finding and Collecting Water –Purification and Filtration Methods

Water Needs in an Urban Survival Scenario



Instructor: Donna Worrell

This 1-week camp will focus on each student beginning the process of exploring his/her purpose in life, future career, and what they were created to do and be.

Topics include:

  • What it means to be successful
  • Importance of optimism and confidence
  • Importance of gratitude, compassion, & tenacity
  • Serving others through our purpose

Activities include:

  • Games (Icebreakers, etc.)
  • Discussions
  • Self-exploration
  • Goal-setting
  • Next steps for each student in order to move forward.
My 15-year old says: "Leaners who sign up for the class should expect to learn how to understand themselves better. This class allows for the student to work with others and provides different activities when introducing one's self to the other students in the class. Combining ice-breakers along with worksheets and an engaging and positive teacher really helped me to start a goal and to understand my life purpose better. I highly recommend for others who need help understanding themselves or for those who don't exactly know what their purpose in life is yet." (Heidi K., parent)

Path to Purpose

1 Week Youth Camp


Introduction to Math Art Fun: Polygons, Picasso, & Self-Portraits

Instructor- Donna Worrell

The combination of math and art is natural. This is a great opportunity for students to express themselves visually while using meaningful math skills such as computation, geometry, measurement, fractions, and statistics. Students use simple shapes to create polygon self- portraits. They identify, describe and define different polygons. The art of Pablo Picasso is used as a starting point for the activity.Grades K-5

Introduction to Math Art Fun: Polygon Self-Portrait


Introduction to Autism Movement Dance Class

Instructor- Donna Worrell

This is a Creative Dance Movement Therapy class designed for autistic children.

This particular class is a one-time introduction to the class. Future sessions will be held for those interested in continuing on a 4-wk basis.

Students will learn to dance with all of their body by following along with the teacher and exploring their own movements. (Parent or older sibling is welcome to join along!)

Movement/Dance Vocabulary To Be Explored: Axial Movement, Personal & General Space, Time, Energy/Force, Shapes & Levels (Low, Medium, High), Locomotor Movements (Walk, Hop, Skip, Jump, etc.), Pathways, Patterns

One-time 30 min. class held on the Zoom platform.

Various classes for ages 3 & up.

Introduction to Autism Movement Dance Class



(2-3 yrs)

M-W-F, 10-10:45am

Tuition is based on a 4-wk schedule

In this introductory class, students will explore the beginnings of learning the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, etc. all in a fun arts-integrated way!

Class format is through the Zoom platform.

Little Explorers Introduction to Preschool Club


Miss Donna’s Learn, Create, Explore Preschool

(4-5 yrs)

M-W-F, 11-11:45am


This class will focus on learning the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, etc. all in a fun arts-integrated way! We will explore using hands-on activities, art, songs, dance, and science.

Class format is through the Zoom format.

Other Classes Soon To Be Listed!

Math Art Food- Cerealscapes 

All About Eagles- (Create & Eat! Science Food Art Class)  

All About Penguins- (Create & Eat! Science Food Art Class)

A Is For Animals! The Alphabet & Animals  

Create and Eat! Food Art Class  -Oceans & Fish

If they teach it – you’ll benefit from it! Without a doubt.” Eileen A.

“Very informative and personable…the course was fun and enjoyable.” Anonymous

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