(AHA® and ECC/ILCOR * compliant)

$78 plus student manuals
First Aid
$78 plus student manuals
Healthcare Provider/Basic Life Support
 4 hrs.
$95 plus student manuals
Wilderness First Aid
2 days 
Prerequisite: Certification in adult CPR and AED is required. Prior completion of a basic first aid class is
strongly encouraged.
$170 plus student manuals  
Bloodborne Pathogens
1.5 hrs. 
$15 plus student manuals  
Emergency Oxygen Administration    
2 hrs.
$15 plus student manuals
Medic Mom/ Medic Dad (Infant & Toddler Emergency Medical Care)
8 hrs.
A series of workshops and training certifications designed to provide parents with prevention and intervention
strategies that protect infants and toddlers from injury, as well as the complications of common illness.
$75 plus student manuals  
Babysitting & Childcare Safety
5 hrs.
Gives teenagers and young adults everything they
need to know for safe and successful babysitting.
From getting started with their business, to relating
with parents and children, to key safety, caregiving, and first aid tips.
$75 (includes 2 yr CPR & First Aid certifications)  
Pet First Aid
4 hrs.
 $55 plus student manuals  
Working Canine First Responder Certification Program
24 hrs.
Prerequisite: Basic Pet First Aid
Addresses the need for the care and well-being of working/active dogs who operate in high-risk and often remote environments such as:
Field & Hunting Dogs
Law Enforcement
Search & Rescue

Our programs are designed for:

  • Caregivers of Children
  • Healthcare Providers (including medical, dental, chiropractic offices)
  • Schools, Daycares, & Churches, YMCA’s, Homeschoolers
  • Parents’ Groups
  • Security Professionals
  • Preparedness Groups

Our commitment to the safety & security of our community extends to…

  • the individual learner
  • organizations & businesses
  • healthcare providers                             

by providing quality instruction in the management of threats to their health and safety.