Phulasso Emergency Medical & Preparedness Trainings

Phulasso is a Greek word meaning “to guard”, “watch”, “keep”. This training empowers children to manage threats of harm to themselves and others in their community.

Introduction to Phulasso

This presentation is based upon the “Phulasso” Protection Concepts Program. “Phulasso” is a comprehensive system of “third-party” protection skills that are developed to engage and manage potential threats to our families and communities such as, acts of physical violence, fire and medical emergencies, man-made and natural disasters.

Practitioners learn the spiritual, mental and physical concepts of protection and how they are applied to a wide spectrum of threats.

Skills and techniques are developed that will enhance their ability to identify, assess, understand, and cope with threats; before, during, and after they have occurred.

Skills Sets:

  • Proactive Mindset. Students understand that the best way to resolve issues is to prevent it from being an issue.
  • Composure. Because the students have an idea of what to expect in a crisis event, they are better able to manage their emotions.
  • Decisiveness. Because our students are aware of, and know how to use various interventions, they become agile, decision-makers, especially under pressure.
  • Preparation. Mental and emotional preparation to act decisively to protect themselves and others. 
  • Awareness. Capable of identifying dangerous conditions that the average person would typically overlook.
  • Focus. The ability to focus on the objective of mitigating problems, not easily distracted by the effects of the corresponding circumstances.
  • Commitment. Selfless commitment to the welfare of others.  

Being Safe Model (Threat Management Model)

  1. See the danger and why it can hurt you and others.
  2. What can I do to make it safe?
  3. Do it! Check to see if it works.


Emergency Preparedness

2 hr. workshop


  • Introduction to Emergency Preparedness for Youth
  • Phulasso Training: Emergency Preparedness Boot Camp for Kids 
  • Working Together in Teams
  • Tactical Decision-Making
  • Basic Situational Awareness Training

Emergency Medical

2 hr workshop


  • Emergency Medical – Recognizing & Responding to the Hurt or Sick
  • Emergency Medical – Unconsciousness
  • Emergency Medical – Moving the Sick & Injured
  • Tactical Decision-Making

Safety & Security

2 hr workshop


  • Basic Security Principles
  • Fire Safety
  • Basic Situational Awareness
  • Advanced Situational Awareness – Focus on Listening to Our Environment

Defensive Tactics    

$90 for 6 weeks

  • Phulasso Crisis Management Program
  • Learning How to Protect Others – Basic
  • Learning How to Protect Others – Intermediate
  • Learning How to Protect Others – Advanced
  • Situational Awareness – Basic
  • Situational Awareness – Intermediate
  • Situational Awareness – Advanced

Leadership Skills

2 hr workshop


  • Communication Skills – The Art of Listening and Being Heard
  • Tactical Decision-Making
  • The experiential learning (role-play and drills) approach is used in order to promote the awareness of threat management gaps and to provide as much reality-based stimulus as is appropriate for the targeted age group. It also emphasizes the importance of prevention and preparation through experience.

Life Skills

Managing Emotions in the Classroom
1.5 hrs. 6 weeks
Contract Fee (Contact us for more info.)
Objectives and benefits: Participants will learn the coping skills
required to manage intense emotions. They will know how to respond
appropriately to negative situations experienced in the classroom.
  • Coping skills
  • Action plans
  • Appreciating the perspective of others
  • “I” Messages: An exercise in application
  • Dealing with Conflict – Step by Step

Decision Making: The Art Of Making Better Choices Part 1

1.5 hrs. 6 weeks Contract Fee (Contact us for more info.)

Objectives and benefits: An awareness of where we are on poor choices cycle and how it can be broken. 

  • What influences our ability to make quality choices
  • Personal areas of vulnerability
  • Managing internal conflicts
  • How to eliminate and manage negative thoughts and feelings.
  • The practice of self-disciplines

Autism Movement Therapy

Designed for daily exercise and movement, ranging from 15-20 min 2-3 times a week. 12 week sessions advised.

Classroom or individual lessons available.

Fees based on whether classroom or individual lessons. Contact us for more info.

Pathways Summer Camps

(Not available at this time.)

1 Day Emergency Preparedness Camp

$65 per student


Introduction to Emergency Preparedness

Bulletproof Preparedness Mind Set: Clear, Focused & Resourceful

Emergency Preparedness: Survival Fire

Emergency Preparedness: Sheltering

Emergency Provisions: “Bug-Out” Bags & Emergency Kits

Emergency Telephone # and Addresses

Group Games

Recognize & Respond to Medical Emergencies

Personal Defense: Essential Protective Concepts

Emergency Preparedness: Making Drinking Water

Contact us for a registration form or questions!

Full Week Day Camp (Not available at this time.)

Ages 7 & up


$85 per week

Practical skills training to prepare children for independent living and sufficiency. This unique summer camp focuses on some of the basic skills every child should know in an educational and fun way!

Campers will participate in activities which focus on the following skills:

Navigation Skills

  • How To Plot A Destination
  • How To Get Home From Any Direction

Basic Knots

  • Square Knot
  • Figure 8
  • Taut Line Hitch
  • Bowline Hitch

Recognize & Respond to Medical Emergencies

  • Life-Threatening Conditions
  • How To Get Help
  • What You Can Do Until Help Arrives

Treat a Wound

  • Types of Bleeding
  • Stopping Bleeding
  • Types of Wounds
  • Cleaning Wounds
  • Protecting the Wound
  • When to Call for Help

Sky Reading

  • Directions
  • Time
  • Weather

Emergency Telephone Number and Addresses 

  • Who to Contact
  • How to Contact
  • Where to Contact


(Not available at this time.)

Ages 11+


$85 per week

This camp training outlines preparedness skills and planning strategies to respond to various disastrous events when it is least expected.

  • Emergency Preparedness Mindset
  • Emergency Preparedness: The Security of My Home and Family
  • Emergency Provisions: “Bug-Out” Bags & Emergency Kit
  • Personal Defense: Essential Protective Concepts
  • How to Prepare and Respond to Cold & Hot Weather Emergencies

Weekend Emergency Preparedness Camp

(Fri evening to Sun morning)

More info to come!