Have you ever been down for the count? Counted as down and out-DEAD?! If you’ve lived long enough I’m sure you’ve experienced something like this. Some of you literally! BUT at the last bell, the last second-BAM! You’re alive!

We, WWATS, have been there several times. We’ve been through transitions- name changes, new assignments, new customer and student targets- but this time was different. We were not even breathing! Or so it seemed.

However, apparently, the mission has NOT been completed! And, I and Thurston, our lead instructor, are actually very pleased with that! Although, I must state that if our time was up I could have said that we did what was supposed to be done and would have been happy and deeply satisfied with that. That has not been the case.

It’s been a crazy two and a half years as I’m sure you all are aware. So many of our lives have been affected, some more than others, since our world changed in 2020. And I had just made the decision to put these works to rest–for good!

World Wide Academy Training Services has been called back into action-resurrected! That means there is still work to be done. People to be educated, trained, and released! And of all things to start afresh with our Pet First Aid & CPR certification trainings have called us out again! With our human First Aid, CPR, Personal Protection, Workplace Safety & Security, and Emergency Preparedness trainings, Dance Workshops, and other educational offerings chasing those dogs & cats! 🙂

So, I think it’s time to reintroduce ourselves. We’ll be updating our bios since we’ve gained more experience and knowledge since 2020, scheduling more trainings, and working on some new platforms! We’re excited to introduce ourselves to new students as well!

We appreciate those who have helped in our search, rescue and resurrection! It’s like we’ve never skipped a beat.

You can stay updated through email, Facebook, and some new platforms soon! Stay tuned!

I hope we encourage you to get up, brush yourself off, and live again! And help others do the same.


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