Emergency Preparedness & Response: My Scope of Practice

Hey, my name is Thurston and I wanted to take this opportunity to share a little bit of what I do here at World Wide Academy Training Services, and what’s in my head and my heart (my heart is pretty safe, my head, on the other hand, is kinda scary).  

I have been intrigued by the preparedness ethos since my pre-teens. I had a brief stint in the Boy Scouts of American, where my scout troop did an excellent job of planting the seed of “Be Prepared” in my psyche.

My Understanding of How This Works

It wasn’t until my career in security that the concepts of “Emergency Preparedness” became life for me as an adult.

I used to do some executive protection work for several years. It was during this time I noticed that most of my peers in close protection were more interested in doing security advance planning or surveillance detection. I wasn’t conscious of it at the time, but I gravitated more toward contingency planning. I was the “hemorrhoid” who always asked, “what if…..”  

I was the guy thinking about what do we do if the vehicle we’re driving our principal around in breaks down? Do our team and the principal have a ” Personal Emergency Relocation Kit (PERK) ” (Bug-Out Bag) that travels with us and an alternate one staged at a backup location? Where is our severe weather gear? I understood that we cannot possibly plan for the possibility of everything, but you have got to plan for the “important” things that may even be outside the realm of probabilities!  

“Emergency Preparedness and Response” began to emerge as a specialization of mine without me even realizing it.  

Phulasso, “To Guard”

My calling began to become clearer when I was led to arranging what I envisioned into a systemic program called “Phulasso”, Greek for, “to guard”.    

I wanted to develop a “third-party” protection system that will train practitioners to provide safety & security for their families and their communities against a broad spectrum of natural and man-made threats in the most effective way, with minimal resources.

The System

Phulasso encompasses the following disciplines:

  • Emergency Preparedness & Response Planning
  • Physical Security
  • Self Management Skills
  • Personal Protection
  • Anti-Terrorism
  • Fire Safety
  • Emergency Medical – Austere/Wilderness Medicine for Pets & People

Stay in My Lane!

While working here at “Worldwide Academy Training Services”, my training background and experience have come together to enable me to provide basic and advanced instruction in the above mentioned disciplines.

Because the topic of emergency preparedness & response encompasses more than a few disciplines, it was important for me to have a clear definition of my “scope of practice”. I am no homesteader nor bushcraft survival expert; not a tier-one operator (military Special Operations veteran), nor a veteran military medic. In other words, I have enough sense to know that I must, “stay in my lane”. The areas where I have limited or no knowledge, I eagerly leave for those experts that do.

I am a committed teacher and counselor, and life-long learner, encouraging you to share your knowledge and to learn with me.


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