Jumping Off

I had a dream several months ago. I was on a pier-like bridge down at the river that separates my town from the next. I was at the beginning of the pier. As I began to walk forward I noticed a post next to me. I thought to myself, “If I jump in here I might hit the post and hurt myself.”

I continued to walk forward across the pier and when I got to the end, I dove in. I didn’t feel myself hit the water nor even remember myself submerging. All at once, I was floating on my back, hands behind my head, basking in the sun. It was the most incredible feeling! One of joy, peace, and rest! I then woke up.

On waking, I remembered this dream immediately! For the most part, I have come to realize which dreams are of my own flesh and which are divinely delivered. This was, I believe, divinely delivered regarding the timing and the result of my “jumping off” moment.

If you read my last post, “Flying Squirrels”, you’ll remember I stated that the time was coming soon that I needed to “jump off, fly, and hit the ground running”. NOW is that time!

You’ll also remember that I’ve done this before. No biggy, right? Wrong! It was harder this time. And as I stated in that blog, I’m taking off from a more difficult position this time.

I’m going to be open and real with you. Times are difficult for me. They have been for about 18 years now! But, that has never stopped me before. When it was time to step out into a new season, a new adventure, I did it. I’m not saying I didn’t ponder and pray and seek counsel but, I was less fearful. This time was different because it truly feels like an all-in, do-or-die moment!

So what’s the big deal? What am I jumping off into? For the past almost two years I’ve worked a part time job to…well, to eat, put gas in my vehicle, and maybe pay a few bills. And I mean a few! That job, including travel time, ate up 5 hours of my day. I worked on building World Wide Academy Training Services around those hours. On top of that, I am preparing to put my house on the market for sale which requires time. AND…my mother is slowing down and needs my help.

There just wasn’t enough time for me to do everything! In order to move steadily forward and keep my sanity I needed to make a change. So I decided, after much wrestling with my Creator, to walk away from the part time position. To dive off the pier, to jump, land, and hit the ground running. To take a leap of faith. To put my all into this organization!

I gave my supervisor notice of my resigning. Getting the words out of my mouth was the hardest part but, I did it! When I took the dive, I had no idea how the bills would get paid. This will either “fly” or I will lose everything. I have to do it. It’s a massive vision (which I hope to continue to unveil as time goes on). I’m not getting any younger and people are depending on my progress. The time is NOW!

So, thank you for coming along on this journey with me (actually us, because it will take others to bring the vision forward). I don’t know what the next months really look like. I don’t know what every step will look like. I do know that it will be another time of growth and faith-building for me. I hope you will be inspired by my journey. Enough so that you will step out and do what you were created to do! Let’s run together. I’m looking forward to “floating on my back” with joy, peace, and rest. How about you? Here’s to childlike faith!


P.S. Just in the last week, after my diving- off decision, I came across an opportunity to partner with a dear friend and assist her with her mission. In assisting her I’ll be able to bring in more income and move WWATS forward. You never know what’s waiting on the other side until you dive in!

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