Pear Pie and the Basics

I have a pear tree in my backyard. This time of the year I try my best to snatch the pears off the ground and the tree, staying ahead of the squirrels, bees, and flies who feast on them. So many pears! I give them to neighbors and friends. I put them in my salad. I mix them with my vegetables. I make pear honey. I bake pear pies.

So what does pear pie have to do with the basics?

As I was mixing the ingredients for my pie I got to thinking about the amount of time it was taking to make it. Mostly because of peeling the pears! I thought about how we have such little time to bake and cook like we used to. Or like our parents and generations before us did. It really takes effort and time to cook and bake as they did. (Even with a store-bought pie crust!)

So much was different in “the good ‘ole” days. The best thing was time spent with family and friends. These days we can barely fit time in for our families.

The culture we live in holds us captive. We can’t (or maybe we just don’t) live as generations before us did. All in the name of progress. We work more in order to stay afloat in a system which was meant to keep us captive, as slaves. Robbing us of our time, energy, relationships, provision.

I wonder how many of us would thrive and not just survive if the system were to collapse? I’m really concerned about the younger generations, especially the children. How many of them will know how to produce the foods needed to survive and then to prepare them? What about living in less than “ideal” circumstances, especially without their electronics!? Or how to fix their vehicle if they have one? What about sewing their own clothes?

We, at World Wide Academy Training Services, are training people to know what to do in times of emergency, especially how to help others. We have a vision to educate, train, and then release our students into a struggling world. We have a vision to teach our children and grandchildren how not to just survive but, to thrive! Our hope and belief is that one day soon we will be teaching on a farm – things like gardening and farming, fishing, cooking and baking, sewing, auto mechanics, and more of well, the basics.

So now you know what pear pie and the basics have to do with one another. By the way, it’s delicious!

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